What is a good, well-organized web development workflow from start (planning) to finish (testing and production)?




Make sure you have clear goals for the project: What do you offer, and for whom? How will it be helpful for others? Etc


List all the pages and sub-pages that are going to be on the site.


Go through your whole sitemap and make a rough sketch of every single page. (How detailed should you get?) You can use pencil and paper, or programs like Axure or Mockingbird.

The next major category in the workflow chart is content, but I’m not sure what this involves. Is it all the text on the website? Database structure? Something else?


The actual design/template of the website. Is this really the right place for this, though? I would think that the coding and functionality is more important, and make the design after that.


This step seems to all-encompassing, and I’d think it needs to be broken down. Is the database structure made first (or was that done in content, after the wireframes?) Do I make the outline for all the functions for each page in the sitemap? Do I just create all the necessary controllers and make comments of which functions I’m going to put and where? Do the models go after the controller outlines, or vice versa? When do I start filling in all the controllers and models?

Constant testing is involved to make sure your code works properly.

Content Population

Would this include the view files in the MVC framework? In other words, all the data that the controllers and models provided?

Final Testing

Make sure everything works in all browsers. Making tweaks and changes here and there. Go all out with numerous “what if” cases.


Site goes live.


The above is what I understand to be an organized flowchart of the steps in developing a complex website, but my understanding could be greatly improved. What should be changed? I could use all the suggestions possible. Thank you.

EDIT: Someone here mentioned “agile development”–from what I’m reading thus far, it doesn’t actually have a structure. Correct me if I’m wrong. As I commented on that answer, is it really possible to develop in such a way for complex sites, such as Amazon or Ebay? The workflow process, in my un-knowledgable opinion, should have a clear plan, or else there would be no focus in the project.

FINAL EDIT: Although this question was closed, I’d like to add some info for those that may find this later. I found the following workflow useful: http://www.webassist.com/free-downloads/tutorials-and-training/web-dev-workflow.php. A PDF of the general workflow: http://assets.webassist.com/how-tos/Short-Dev-Checklist.pdf. Agile development can also be used of course, but this could be a good starting point for those that don’t know where to start. I may add additional workflows and examples here as I find them.

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